Breeders of quality KuneKune Pigs

What are KuneKune Pigs?


The KuneKune breed was originally developed by the Maori people of New Zealand (KuneKune means "fat and round" in the Maori language). They are rare, small, heritage pigs that are commonly raised for their ability to graze without damaging pasture.

We are located in Sulphur Springs, Texas, just off of I-30 between Dallas and Texarkana, and are registered with the American KuneKune Breeders' Association. Our goal is to breed quality KuneKune pigs that can be utilized as companion animals and for meat production. We welcome any questions about our animals or about the KuneKune breed. Please let us introduce you and your family to these wonderful, multipurpose little pigs!

KuneKune pigs don't tend to root, roam, or challenge fences, and they are known to be an extremely friendly and gentle breed. They are able to fatten on grass alone and usually require little additional supplementation when on adequate pasture. KuneKunes make great meat pigs for the small hobby farmer, as well as being wonderful pets and "lawn mowers"!





We are expecting two litters of piglets between late August and mid September and are currently accepting deposits!
Running Creek Ranch is officially open for business!